!! Humble Appeal To The Devotees !!

During the current ongoing lock-down situation, Temple needs your support and generosity to meet the operational expenses and sustain the temple for future generations.
Please contribute generously.

!! Online Pooja Services !!

Currently temple is offering online pooja services and live streaming of some scheduled Temple events.
Devotees are encouraged to pre-register and participate in the events online.

Temple Timings
Weekdays:  09:00AM to 12:00PM
06:00PM to 08:30PM
Weekends/Holidays:  09:00AM to 08:30PM
Archana Timings
09:00AM   Suprabhatha Seva
10:00AM Nitya Archana
10:30AM First Archana
08:00PM Last Archana
08:20PM Ekantha Seva
Archana - Every 30 Minutes after first archana
Archana schedule may change on special event days.
Temple will not use devotee prepared yogurt or grocery store yogurt for any abhishekam at the temple. The temple priests will prepare yogurt as needed for the abhishekam. Devotees can bring organic fat free milk instead.