Temple Timings
09.00AM - 12.00PM
06.00PM - 08.30PM
09.00AM - 08.30PM

Daily Schedule
09:00am Suprabhatha Seva
10:00am Nitya Archana
10:30am First Archana
08:00pm Last Archana
08:20pm Ekantha Seva
Archana - Every half an hour after first archana
(Archana schedule may change on special event day)
How To Donate
We recommend you download the pledge form and fill it out and send us the check by mail.

If you woud like to donate by using Credit Card, Please click on the Donate button for Monthly recurring donations or one time, or you can use this form monthly donations using credit card form or contact Temple Manager @303 898 5514.

Please use this form for auto payment of the SVTC School fees using the Credit card auto payment to SVTC School

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