Temple Timings
09.00AM - 12.00PM
06.00PM - 08.30PM
09.00AM - 08.30PM

Daily Schedule
09:00am Suprabhatha Seva
10:00am Nitya Archana
10:30am First Archana
08:00pm Last Archana
08:20pm Ekantha Seva
Archana - Every half an hour after first archana
(Archana schedule may change on special event day)

Vision and Mission:

  • Build Sri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple with the back drop of majestic rocky mountains in Castle Rock, Colorado as per Agama & Vasthu shastras.
  • Provide Hindu religious services as per Vedic traditions.
  • To fulfill the cultural and spiritual needs of devotees by promoting Classical music, dance, art, scriptures and meditation.
  • Benefit the future generations with Hindu culture and traditions to be responsible and ethical citizens in promoting world peace and brotherhood.

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